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=Images= | AdvisorsSaint Anthony College of Nursing receives transfer students from all over the northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin area.  Because we are a non-residential facility, our students commute from their homes or find a residence in the Rockford area.  All of our students transfer to us for the junior and senior years of their baccalaureate program.

Saint Anthony College of Nursing encourages all prospective students to contact the college before starting their college course work or at their first opportunity during their college curriculum.  Because SACN is an upper division program, all students transfer into the college after completing at least 64 credits.  Students may apply after completing 32 of the 64 credits and one of the prerequisite nursing sciences.

It is to the student's benefit to make sure that the course work taken at other colleges and universities will meet the requirements for admission to SACN.  Transcripts may be submitted and a transfer evaluation may be completed by the Student Affairs staff to assist students in planning their course schedule. Transfer Guides are available for those schools within our geographic area.  No grade below a "C" may be transferred. To be eligible for review by the admission committee, updated transcripts must be sent after additional coursework is completed. Only those transcripts sent directly from the reporting institution will be considered official. Transcripts may be submitted to:

Saint Anthony College of Nursing
5658 East State Street
Rockford, IL 61108-2468
Phone: 815.395.5091
Fax: 815.227.2730

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