LRC Computers

=Images= | Library - ComputersComputers are provided in the Library, in Room B27, in two group study rooms, and at Guilford Square for students to complete class assignments and perform literature searches. Computer use is first come, first served unless a reservation is made with the Library staff. Students are advised to plan ahead and make a reservation whenever possible.

Students may not bring their own software. The librarians will provide assistance to students using computer-assisted instruction programs and will troubleshoot technical difficulties with those programs if they arise. Students needing extensive instruction in the use of other, non-course related programs such as word processing and spreadsheet programs should inquire at their local community college for appropriate courses.

Printer/Copier Machine
The Library has a combination printer/copier machine for student use.  Currently enrolled students receive 500 pages of printing/copying in their personal accounts at the beginning of each semester.  Additional pages may be purchased through the library staff, if needed.  The machine is equipped with a print management system for privacy reasons.  Instructions on how to use the system are posted near computers and above the printer/copier machine.