Student submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be considered for any available private scholarships. The Financial Aid Office posts scholarship information on the College website as they become available.

All outside scholarships must be reported to the financial aid officer to avoid an over-award in financial aid funding.   

Be aware of scholarship scams. If you decide to use a search service, check its reputation before applying.

List of Legacy Nursing Scholarship Donors

List of external scholarships and scholarship resources



 Doris and Albert VonMopurgoIn May 2012 the Doris and Albert Von Morpurgo Scholarship Fund was announced.  The college had received an extraordinary gift of over $2 million.  The gift came from a 1944 alumna, Doris (Stromquist) Von Morpurgo, who herself had an extraordinary life.
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External Scholarships & Scholarship Resources 

For more information on scholarships and grants please contact our Financial Aid Office, 815-395-5089.